Golfing Union of Ireland

Greenkeeping & Ecology

Irish Greenkeeper Training and Ecology Committee

The Irish Greenkeeper Training and Ecology Committee meets on a regular basis at GUI National Headquarters to consider and explore ways of improving the quality and quantity of Greenkeeping Staff in Clubs throughout Ireland. It also considers the environmental impact for golf of various current issues and can advise the Union’s Executive Committee on policy in this area.

The Committee is made up of representatives of the GUI (an elected Convenor, the Officers, of the Union, a member of each Provincial Council), as well as nominations from a number of other bodies, including the Sports Turf Research Institute, the Irish Links Initiative, the Golf Course Superintendants Association of Ireland, the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE), Teagasc, Colaiste Stiofain Naofa, College of Further Education, the National Parks & Wildlife Services

The Committee, from time to time, invites representatives of other relevant bodies to participate at its meetings, and hears presentations on current environmental and Greenkeeping issues.

Correspondence intended for the attention of the Committee should be send to Bill Dunne, Convenor, Irish Greenkeeper Training and Ecology Committee, Golfing Union of Ireland National Headquarters, Carton Demesne, Maynooth, Co Kildare.

Useful Links:

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ourse Tracker - online greenkeeping management resource: https://coursetracker.org 

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The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI): http://www.stri.co.uk/

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Golf Union of Wales Golf Course Policy Document: http://www.golfunionwales.org/downloadDocument.aspx?&DocumentID=4686

BIGGA - British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association: www.bigga.org.uk         

Fact Sheets and other information:

The Irish Greenkeeper Training and Ecology Committee is committed to disseminating useful information on the most relevant issues for Greenkeepers in Ireland. 

For information on pesticides, click HERE.

For information on the Greens Tester, developed by Fintan Brennan, Secretary of the Irish Links Initiative, click HERE.

In addition, the R&A has, through its Golf Course Management Department, produced a number of Fact Sheets and other documents that provide useful information on many Greenkeeping and Environmental issues. For access, click HERE..