Golfing Union of Ireland Munster Branch

Munster Boys Under 16 Amateur Open

Venue: Clonmel Golf Club
Start Date: 26 Jun 2014 00:00
End Date: 26 Jun 2014 00:00

Entries Closed

A Hill (Roscommon) GC Winner 2014

Munster Boys U16 Amateur Open 2015
at Clonmel Golf Club 13 July



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Golfing Union of Ireland (Munster Branch)
6 Townview, Mallow, Co Cork
Email: info@munster.gui.ie Tel: 022-21026


1.1. General 
a) This Championship will be called the Munster Boys U16 Amateur Open Championship to be played annually under the control the Championship Committee which will consist of Officials appointed by the Munster Provincial Council of the Golfing Union of Ireland through its Junior Committee.  This Committee will be responsible for the organisation and management of the Championship.  
2. Eligibility 
a) A player who turns 16 on or after 1st January in the year of the event and is the holder of an official CONGU handicap is eligible to compete.  Penalty for breach of this condition is disqualification  
3. Entries 
a) Entries must be made on-line through GUI website www.gui.ie/munster
b) Entries may be limited from time to time by the Junior Committee.
c) The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without stating any reason for so doing and may call for the production of a certificate of birth from any competitor before or during the Championship.
4. Format  
a) The Championship will be over 18 holes stroke play and gross scores will count.  
5. Handicaps 
a) At the discretion of the Junior Committee of the Munster Branch, up to 5 players may be invited to play who may not have qualified under handicap cut off point but who must have entered the Championship.
6. Breaking of Ties 
a) All ties to be decided as set out in the GUI Tournament Conditions Booklet.
7. Prizes 
a) The winner of the Championship will be the Under 15 Amateur Champion of Munster and will receive a perpetual trophy as well as a prize.  He must return the Trophy in time for the following year’s Championship to the Executive Officer, GUI Munster Branch. 
b) Prizes will be awarded to the players with second and third best gross scores and also to the best three nett scores.  
c) Prizes will also be awarded to the best Under 14 and Under 13 boys with the best gross scores in their age categories.   All prizes will be awarded on the basis of 1 player – 1 prize.
8. Practice 
a) Official practice day is generally the day prior to the commencement of the Championship at the discretionary times as arranged with the Secretary/Manager of the Housing Club.
9. Caddies 
a) No person whose age exceeds the age limit for this Championship may act as caddie or assist him with advice or guidance during the course of play.  
b) No Professional may act as a Caddie.  
c) Penalty 2 strokes at each hole the infringement occurs, to a maximum of four shots. That any further breach will lead to the disqualification of the player(s).
10. Time of Starting & Groups 
a) Players will commence play at the time laid down by the Championship Committee as per 6-3 Rules of Golf.  It may be necessary to change times/dates listed at the discretion of the Championship Committee with the approval of hosting Club.   
b) If a competitor fails to show at the tee without notification, entry may be refused the following year at the discretion of the Provincial Council.
11. Other 
a) Players shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Championship Committee.

N.B. These Rules must be read in conjunction with the General Rules for Union Championships
N.B. Closing Date 1.00pm


 The Golfing Union of Ireland Munster Branch does not take responsibility for accommodation list provided.