Golfing Union of Ireland Munster Branch

South of Ireland Amateur Open

Venue: Lahinch Golf Club
Start Date: 26 Jul 2014 00:00
End Date: 30 Jul 2014 00:00

Entries Closed

Stuart Bleakley (Shandon Park) Winner 2014

South of Ireland Amateur Open Championship 2015
at Lahinch Golf Club 22-26 July

Sponsored by Clare Coast Hotels 



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Lahinch is an historic club that always serves up a feast of glorious golf each summer in the incomparable “South”.

On Good Friday, the 15th of April 1892, the first game of golf was played in Lahinch!

Over 116 years later, the famous links on the mid-western seaboard is now amongst the best in the world. Consistently ranked in the top 100 lists of the world’s best courses, this Alistair Mackenzie classic has become a golfing Mecca for visitors from abroad.

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1. General 
a) This Championship will be called the South of Ireland Amateur Open Championship to be played annually under the control of the Championship Committee, which will consist of Officials appointed by the Munster Provincial Council of the Golfing Union of Ireland and Officials appointed by Lahinch Golf Club.   
b) The Championship Committee will be responsible for the organisation and management of the Championship and its decision will be final on all matters. Only a member of this Committee or a person appointed by such Committee will be authorised to give a decision on any question or dispute arising during the course of play. 
c) The Championship will be played on the Links of Lahinch Golf Club in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Ltd. and in accordance with the Local Rules of Lahinch Golf Club as approved by the Championship Committee. 
d) Note: These Rules must be read in conjunction with the General Rules for Union Championships.
2. Eligibility 
a) A competitor must have submitted a minimum of eight qualifying returns during the twelve months prior to the closing date of entry into the Championship. Submission of returns from the USA is acceptable upon receipt of handicap record showing same. Competitors whose home club is outside Ireland must advise by email of any change of handicap between date of entry and closing date with relevant certification.
b) All previous winners of this Championship or former Walker Cup players who enter will have a place reserved for them so long as they meet the eight-card rule and hold a handicap as of July 1st in the year of the Championship which is within 1.0 stroke of the qualifying handicap for the Championship in the previous year.
3. Entries 
a) Entries must be made on-line through GUI website, www.gui.ie/munster.  The penalty for breach of Rule 1 will be disqualification. 
b) Entries will be limited to 192 competitors. 
c) In the event of applications exceeding this number, entry for the higher handicap competitors will be decided by ballot. The ballot will take place immediately after the closing date. 
d) Unsuccessful applicants will be informed forthwith but given an opportunity to compete if withdrawals occur. These stand-by reserves will be selected in strict order of exact handicap on date/time entries close and not from any adjustment subsequently notified. 
e) The number of such stand-by reserves will not exceed 30 and will be called upon to take the place of competitors in the first round only of the Championship in the strict order of stand-by draw where necessary.  Any entrant who is not offered a place in the field will have his entry refunded.
f) The Championship Committee may invite up to four players who hold a handicap as of July 1st in the year of the Championship which is within 1.0 of the qualifying handicap for the Championship in the previous year. Should these be international players, verification of handicap to be provided by the player’s home club under the rules of their governing body (Invitees may include promising young players from Ireland or overseas, players who have distinguished themselves in golf or worthy overseas players who would enhance the event).
g) The entrance fee payable will be as decided from time to time by the Championship Committee. The decision of the Championship Committee will be final on all matters relating to acceptance of entries.  

4. Format  
a) Format of play - match play over 5 days of the Championship. 
b) The 64 lowest handicap competitors will each receive a bye into the second round. A ballot to ascertain the 64 to obtain a bye will be held, if necessary. 
c) On the first day of the Championship the remaining 128 or less competitors will play in the first round and the draw shall be made to provide that each winner of a first round match will play against a competitor who received a first round bye. 
d) On the second day, 64 pairs shall play off. On the third day, 32 pairs will play off in the morning and 16 pairs shall play in the afternoon. On the fourth day eight pairs will play in the morning and the quarter-finals shall be played in the afternoon. On the fifth day the semi-finals will be played in the morning and the final in the afternoon. 
e) Note: In the event of any players from the 64 players who received a first round bye, withdrawing, the 65th seeded player will take the vacant position in the second round. This player will be replaced by the first person on the stand-by list. The process will be repeated for additional withdrawals. The process will terminate at 4.30pm on the day preceding commencement of play. 
f) Each match will consist of one round of 18 holes. In the event of a halved match, the competitors will continue to play until one or other shall have gained a hole.
5. Prizes 
a) The Winner of the Championship will be the South of Ireland Amateur Open Champion Golfer for the year.  
b) The Championship Trophy (presented by Lahinch Golf Club) will be awarded to the Winner. The Winner will also receive a medal and prizes will be awarded to the runner-up, the defeated semi-finalists and defeated quarter finalists. 
c) The Championship Trophy will be held until the commencement of the Championship in the following year by the club from which the Winner shall have entered but in the event of the Winner being a member of the Irish Artisan Golfers’ Association the Trophy will be held by the club to which his Section is attached or in the event of the Winner being entered from a country outside Ireland the Trophy will be held by Lahinch Golf Club. 
6. Practice 
a) Competitors are requested to register at the Host Club – Lahinch - immediately on arrival. 
b) Official practice times will be those as determined by the Championship Committee, notice of which will be displayed on the Club’s notice board and website. 
7. Time of Starting & Groups 
a) Players will commence play at the time laid down by the Championship Committee as per 6-3 Rules of Golf. It may be necessary to change times/dates listed at the discretion of Championship Committee.   
b) If a competitor fails to show at the tee without notification, entry may be refused the following year at the discretion of the Championship Committee.
8. Other 
a) This Championship is one of the Tournaments for which points in the ‘Willie Gill Award’ will be awarded for Irish competitors.  
b) The GUI’s Groove Geometry Condition applies to this Championship.
N.B. Closing Date 1.00pm 
The player's clubs must conform to the groove and punch mark specifications in the Rules of Golf that are effective from 1 January 2010

Accommodation List
Atlantic Hotel                           065 7081049     info@atlantichotel.ie
Cliffs of Moher Hotel                  065 7086770     info@cliffsofmoherhotel.com
Lehinch Lodge                          065 7081242     info@lehinchlodge.ie 
Liscannor Hotel                         065 7086000      info@loguesliscannorhotel.com
Shamrock Hotel                        065 7081700     info@shamrockhotel.,ie
Castle View Lodge                    065 7081648     lahinchok@eircom.net
Cliff Walk (P. Kenny)                 065 7081602     no email
Cois Farraige                            065 7081580     rosie@coisfarraige.net
Dough Mor Lodge                     065 7082063     dough@gofree.indigo.ie
Grovement House                     065 7071431     grovmnt@eircom.net.
Falls Hotel                                065 7071004     reservations@fallshotel.ie
Kilbrean House (Colette Hurley) 065 7081155     no email
Lahinch Golf and Leisure Hotel  065 7081100     info@lahinchgolfhotel.com
Mulcarr House                          065 7081123     mulcarrhouse@esatclear.ie
Moy House                               065 7082800     moyhouse@eircom.net
Sandfield Lodge                        065 7081010     no email
Sancta Maria Hotel                   065 7081041     sanctamaria01@eircom.net
Tudor Lodge                             065 7081270     no email
Riverdale House (Bill Slattery)    065 7081495     no email
The Siding                                065 7072437     info@thesiding.ie
West Coast Lodge                     065 7082000     info@westcoastlodge.ie
Willow Lodge                             065 7081126     felicitychambers@eircom.net.
Vaughan Lodge                         065 7081111     info@vaughanlodge.ie


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